How to Create Captain Metropolis (Watchmen) Costume

Captain Metropolis is one of the characters in Watchmen. If you want to have a costume to welcome in the new movie consider Captain Metropolis. He is a secondary character in the new movie about the DC Comic. Since he is not one of the more popular characters you might find you are the only Captain Metropolis at the party, thus making your costume unique.

Materials Needed:

Blue fabric

Tan Pants

Red long sleeve shirt

Pilots wings

Tan Gloves

Red face mask

Black Belt

Black Boots


Step 1: You can find the fabric you need for the costume at or Both places have a wide selection of fabric for a great price. You will want to purchase blue fabric, and possibly some red to make the face mask.

Step 2: The red long sleeve shirt can usually be found at a thrift store. It does not have to be in a certain style, unless you want it to look more like the 60’s clothing, as that is when this costume idea came about.

Step 3: The tan pants should be riding pants. In other words the thighs of the pants sort of balloon out like a horse jockey, before tightening at the knees to the ankles.

Step 4: The black belt should be a utility belt rather than a dress belt.

Step 5: The boots can be combat, riding boots, or any other boot as long as they ride to the mid calf.

Step 6: To the red shirt you will need to sew on or iron on gold pilots wings. The wings should be large enough to cover your chest, not just a small pair of clip on wings.

Step 7: The blue cape will need to hook around your neck. It will not lay over the shoulders but hang to the knees by your neck. The cape is just a straight piece of material.

Step 8: The last step for Captain Metropolis is the mask. The mask should match the shirt color, and cover just the eyes. You can tie it behind your head.

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