How to Create Bob the Builder Costume?

Bog the builder is one of the most popular cartoons on television for little children. This year if your child wants to be a builder you might consider bob. Bob will have plenty of accessories and regular clothing to make it easy for you to find the materials you need. We also have instructions below to help you create Bob the builder.

##Things you will need:##

* Yellow hard hat

* Flannel shirt

* Blue jeans

* Tool belt

* Work boots

* Protective goggles

* Gloves


Step 1: The main part of the costume will be the flannel shirt and blue jeans. You can choose whatever type of shirt you want for the costume, as far as flannel or dress shirt goes. The shirt should be something that a builder doesn’t mind wrecking on the job.

Step 2: Next you need to have work boots, such as brown hiking boots or other boots that will have steel toes. Of course you don’t really have to have steel toe shoes if you don’t have them, but the premise or look is the same.

Step 3: The work belt should fit your child. In fact you can buy a complete set with a tool belt, goggles, and all needs for work. They have children play sets. The tool belt should at least have a hammer, tape, and fake knife. Then place the hard hat on your child’s head, the gloves in the belt, and the goggles around their neck or in the tool belt and you have a Bob the builder costume.

You may want to refer to the cartoons of Bob the builder to make sure you have everything, especially if you want to be completely accurate. Otherwise these suggestions offer you a great Bob the builder outfit for any child

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