How to Create B.O.B (Monsters vs. Aliens) Costume

B.O.B or Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzonatae is a blob. More specifically he is a blue gelatinous mass. He was created when a tomato was genetically altered with ranch dressing. He does not have a brain, and thus confuses his friends easily. His greatest strength is in his cavernous appetite. If your child needs a great costume idea consider B.O.B! B.O.B is part of Monsters and Aliens a film just released in the theatres last month.

##Materials Needed:##

* Shiny Blue Fabric

* Hula Hoop

* Jawbreaker

* Florist wire


Step 1: Visit or for the blue shiny fabric. You want it to look like gelatin, thus it should be slightly reflective.

Step 2: The blue fabric is the main part of the costume. The first thing to do is create a ghost body with arm holes.

Step 3: The body should be longer than your height giving you a little more material. This excess material will wrap around the hula hoop at your feet to give the material a gelatinous motion. You also want the fabric to kind of pool.

Step 4: Once the bottom has been fashioned you will need to sew on the arms. The arms will be made with the same material, with hands.

Step 5: Now that you have most of the costume created it is time for the mouth and eye to be formed. The mouth should be a slit in the blue fabric, which you hem. It also needs to be fairly wide, but not open. In other words it should be a slit rather than exposing your face.

Step 6: B.O.B has only one eye, but you will still need to see out of the costume. Make sure you have eye holes for you to see from. Then in the centre of your forehead you will need to fashion the B.O.B eye. BOB’s eye is going to be made with the jawbreaker. As we all know they are extremely hard, so you will want to find one that has be pre-cut in half if at all possible. If not you will need to lick the jawbreaker down to expose a few layers of its inside color, while leaving white on the outside. It will be a little hard to get the eye to stay in place, so your best option is florist wire. Create a basket out of the wire around the jawbreaker. Then from the wire basket you can have the wire go around your head. To avoid seeing the wire you should actually cut a hole just big enough for the eye to fit through resting the jawbreaker against your forehead under the costume.

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