How to Create Arcee (Transformers 2009) Costume

The live action transformers movie in 2007 lacked one element. There were no female transformers. This year in Transformers the Revenge of the Fallen we girls finally have a costume to make! Arcee is the only female transformer, and her hidden form is a motorcycle. We will help you create a costume for the transformer Arcee below.

##Materials Needed:##

* Image of Arcee

* Purple fabric

* Black fabric

* Bike reflectors


While the transformers are made from specialized metal, your costume will be made with fabric to give the appearance of metal and plastic.

Step 1: The first thing you will need is an image of the Arcee transformer. This way you can understand where the purple fabric needs to come in around the black fabric.

Step 2: The black fabric will symbolize the metal sections of the transformer. However, the arms, legs, and chest will still need purple fabric.

Step 3: The face is perhaps the most difficult. You will create a hood out of the purple fabric. Then over the purple you need to space out some black fabric.

Step 4: The bike reflectors will need to attach to the knees of the costume.

Step 5: You may also want to create fake side mirrors and handlebars to make up part of the costume.

The main focus of making a transformers costume is creating a body suit that is the same pattern, but not necessarily creating the hollow look with bike parts hanging off as weapons.

If you want to make the costume more authentic in appearance you can elect to use black wire at certain intervals to make your arms and legs appear “_ìwispy”¬ù.

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