How to Create an Iron Man 2 Costume

Iron Man 2 is nearing theatres. In fact we have less than two months until Iron Man 2 comes out on May 7, 2010. If you are looking forward to the sequel you might want to create your own Iron Man look. Not much has changed in the design of the suit since the first movie, except that there will be more than one powerful suit. If you want some instructions on how to make one you are in the right place.


* Padding

* Red Fabric

* Gold Fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing Machine


Step 1: Fabric can be purchased online at a number of places, but is one of the most popular. It is the same online store as those brick and mortar ones you might have in your city or town. From the store you can find everything you need to create the Iron Man 2 look.

Step 2: The entire costume will be created first with red material. You will need a jumpsuit that is a little larger than your regular size, unless you already have well defined muscles. The point of making the costume a bit larger than your regular size is to help build it up. You will want padding in the arms, legs, and even the upper chest to make it more like armor than body.

Step 3: The shoulders should have extra padding to make it seem like there are layers to the costume.

Step 4: One the upper arms and legs you need a little bit of the gold material. The photo above can help you decide where that needs to go.

Step 5: You will also need to create a helmet out of the fabric you purchase. Make sure it has the right color and design, to cover your face, but leave your eyes uncovered for safety.

Step 6: The last thing you need to do is make the center of the chest. An old light or white fabric can be used to make the little round power center that is in the chest.

Make sure you have red shoes to make it appear like you are wearing boots with your Iron Man costume.

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