How to Create an Easter Duck Costume

Spring brings about numerous baby animals, some of which are associated with the holiday Easter. The Easter Bunny is the most traditional costume, but this year, if you want a little something different consider the Easter Duck. You have a couple of choices even in an Easter Duck look. For example the picture to the right shows a duckling in an egg. You could also go as a plain duck with bunny ears like in the Cadbury Egg tryout commercial.


* Bunny Ears

* White Fabric

* Yellow Fabric

* Orange Fabric


Step 1: Before you can start your Easter Duck costume you will need to buy a few materials and get a pattern.,, and Michaels Fabric stores are three places it is possible to find what you need. You’ll require a pattern for the duckling body and quite possibly the egg shape.

Step 2: In this costume we are taking two ideas and creating one. The first step in the duck look is to cut the fuzzy yellow fabric according to the duck pattern. You should have some bunting for the duck bottom.

Step 3: The head of the duck should be yellow with the appropriate duck bill. Consider using a full helmet for an adult. For children you may want an elastic duck bill with a little hoodie for the head. It would leave your child’s face exposed and they might feel more comfortable.

Step 4: For the duck legs you need the orange fabric to create the leg and webbed feet. The webbed feet can be held down with elastic over your shoes so that you are more comfortable walking.

Step 5: After the duck is complete you can begin on the egg shell. You will need a round egg shell for the body. It should reach from mid thigh to the shoulders leaving your duck wings and most of the neck exposed.

Step 6: On the hoodie you created for the duck head attach a single layer of white foam for the egg shell. It should be cut to model the pattern on the rest of the egg shell like you broke through with your head.

Step 7: In this last step you need a headband with Easter Bunny ears. These can either be fitted on the egg shell head or on your head underneath, as long as the ears can flop out.

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