How to Create an Angels and Demons Costume

Dan Brown has brought us two controversial books based on the Illuminati and its relationship to the Vatican. The books are fiction. For fans of the novels the wait will be over in May. Angels and Demons will be released in theatres on May 15th 2009. This is the second film based on Dan Brown books. Hollywood created The Da Vinci Code first. In Angels and Demons the fight surrounds a concept of matter and antimatter, as well as the premise of how the earth was created. As a story it really causes the reader to consider the oldest question and provides us with a great costume idea!

Materials Needed:

Black Fabric

White Fabric

Sewing Machine


White and black thread

Demon Mask

Black and white shoes

Cross Pendant (optional)

Florist wire

Silver or gold fabric


Shop online at or for the above materials

Our costume concept is integrating an Angel with a Demon.

You can decide if you want the front of the costume to be the Angel or the Demon. The other side of course will be the opposite. This is a yin and yang- god and evil style costume. It is all about the balance that science tells us we need to have and thus portrays the theme of the movie.

Step 1: For our purposes we will make the Angel the front of the costume, thus the white material goes in the front to match with the identical shaped black material. You will need a pattern for a robe with long sleeves that reaches to your ankles. The robe should flow rather than be formfitting. When you create the sleeves of the robe you need to make it wing like. In other words from the wrists fabric should taper out to a larger swatch of material as it gets closer to the body. Both Angels and Demons are often depicted with wings. By creating sleeves with additional material sewn on you can have both black and white wings.

Step 2: Now that you have the robe with wings attached it is time to create the rest of the costume. You will want shoes that are black on the back, and white on the front. You will most likely have to paint them or use fabric to cover the shoe.

Step 3: Since the back of your head is going to be the demon face you will need a demon mask. The mask should be half mask rather than a full face mask. In other words you want to be able to place it on the back of your head with a wire across your forehead. The mask can have horns if you wish.

Step 4: The angel face will be your own. However, you still need a halo, which will also be used to hide how you have attached the demon face to the back of your head. The halo will be made from florist wire and wrapped with silver or gold fabric. The halo will sit on the forehead rather than above the head. The back of the halo will need to be hidden under the demon mask. It is best to place it on first, then position the mask, with the strap hidden beneath the front of the halo.

Now just add a cross pendant and your Angel & Demon costume is ready for the party. Don’t forget to bring Robert Langon or another scientist along.

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