How to Create Amelia Earhart (Night at the Museum) Costume

Amelia Earhart is a real person, which is perhaps why they have recreated her for the movie Night at the Museum Battle of the Smithsonian. Along with security guard Daley she and the rest of the characters will battle a foe in order to keep their tablet protected. As an American Icon for women aviators, authors, and as a pioneer Amelia is a wonderful costume for any party. Her costume can be a female superhero for girls or women because of her abilities as a pilot.

##Materials Needed:##

* Leather Bomber Jacket

* Flight hat

* Knit tan pants

* Knit tan shirt

* Goggles

* Leather gloves

* Leather boots


Step 1: To get the materials you need visit a thrift store. You may also find that some of the items will have to be made or purchased from a costume shop. It depends on what you can find and whether you want to sew.

Step 2: You will need the typical flight costume for pilots in the early 1900’s. The shirt should be button down with long sleeves in tan.

Step 3: The pants should also be tan, but they can be more like riding pants if you can’t find the fighter pilot pants we are talking about.

Step 4: Over the shirt you will need a leather bomber jacket. This was the typically jacket of many of the pilots during Amelia Earhart’s time. The jacket if possible can have a more feminine appearance.

Step 5: Once the clothing is in place you will need to put on some leather gloves, your pilot hat, and goggles. The goggles can be placed on top of the hat, and do not need to be on your eyes.

Step 6: Lastly you need to put on some leather riding boots. They should be tan to match the rest of the costume.

If you wish you may add a scarf as this was the typical fashion as well. As Amelia Earhart you are ready to fly!!

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