How to Create Alice in Wonderland Costume

The character Alice from the book “ìAlice in Wonderland”¬ù by Louis Carroll as well as the Walt Disney movie by the same name made a comeback in 2010 with the release of Tim Burton’s movie version of the same name. While the Disney movie has been popular in recent years, Tim Burton’s “ìAlice in Wonderland”¬ù film added a new twist.

“_ìAlice in Wonderland”¬ù has been done before, so now you have two Alice costumes to choose from-the one made famous in the Disney movie or the new one. In the Tim Burton movie, Alice was dressed in full Victorian clothing for the film, changing the Disney Alice we are used to seeing. The instructions for the newest version are included below:

##Materials Needed:##


Black boots

Traveling Coat

High Collared white blouse

Full skirt

Blonde Wig


Step 1: Alice is meant to be a little girl, so the costume you create should mirror closely to what the Victorian era children would have worn. It is possible to buy the pieces you need for the costume, but you can also buy the material and make it yourself. JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s should have the fabric and patterns you would need.

Step 2: For the main body of the costume you will need a white long-sleeve blouse with a high collar. This blouse should not be revealing and should have buttons all the way up the neck.

Step 3: Over the blouse you should have a black corset or bustier. It will need to have buttons on the front like a vest would, but sit below the upper chest. This helps accentuate your figure.

Step 4: The skirt just needs to be straight and full length. The design is up to you. You can have patterned material, blue, white, even a lattice style pattern if you wish.

Step 5: It was mentioned you would need a traveling coat or riding coat. This type of coat has eye hooks from the collar to the waist. It would need to have long sleeves, with a high collar. From the waist down the coat is left open to making walking easier.

Step 6: The boots you want to look for to add to the costume should be fitting with the era. They should be high on the ankles, with buttons down the front, and pointed toes. The boots should be black.

Step 7: You will still need the blond wig if nature did not give you Alice’s blond hair.

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