How to Create Agent Zero (X Men Origins Wolverine) Costume

X Men Origins Wolverine is coming out May 15th 2009. The new movie will be introducing viewers to new comic book characters like Agent Zero. Agent Zero is David North or Christoph Nord. He was first known as Maverick, but a name changed occurred recently. Agent Zero was first in X Men vol. 2 #5. If you want to be a mutant fighting the good guys consider an Agent Zero costume.

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine Agent Zero is going to have a more human like appearance.

Materials Needed:

Blue fabric

Green fabric

Fake weapon


Step 1: Agent Zero looks like a human in the new movie with a nice black suit, white dress shirt and tie. However, you can elect to go with the more comic book style costume that was Maverick if you truly want a great costume.

Step 2: Visit or to find the green and blue fabric that you need. You will also want to pick up a pattern for a body suit.

Step 3: The body suit is made from the blue material. It needs to have long sleeves with gloves. You will also want to have blue shoes to match.

Step 4: Agent Zero as maverick was a very muscular man. You might want to get some bunting to help pad your muscles, especially if the costume will be for a child.

Step 5: The green fabric is designed as a hood and armor. You will need to make the hood completely green with eye slits. Then the fabric should move down to cover the shoulders.

This costume is more akin to Maverick, which is also Agent Zero. Now just grab your weapon and you are ready to start behaving like a mutant!

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