How to Create a Zeus Costume

Over the centuries Zeus has seen many remakes. From one movie to the next about Greek Mythology Zeus is always given a new look. The latest Zeus costume comes from Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. If you wish to pattern yourself after this latest rendition of Zeus we have a couple of pointers for you.


* White Fabric

* Silver Fabric

* Greek Symbols

* Roman Sandals

* Blue Fabric

* Foam


Step 1: Each time Zeus is remade there are certain aspects that are kept similar. We always see a similar styling in clothes, and of course his lightning bolt. Most of the time, we also see a white haired gentleman with beard and mustache. This time one of the main differences will be in the blonde hair and scruffy face. So you might need to add blonde hair to the costume for Zeus.

Step 2: Finding the fabric will not be too difficult. You can use an old sheet you have hanging around, or visit for some fabric ideas. You need to purchase three different colors to make the costume appropriately.

Step 3: The white fabric is for the undergarment or tunic. Basically this is just a long white shirt. You should be able to find a pattern in any costume or fabric store if you require one.

Step 4: The Silver Fabric is the covering for the tunic, basically the armor. You have a couple of ways to make armor, but the easiest way is to use fabric, creating a breast plate and skirt. Add on the Greek symbols of Zeus and you are almost done.

Step 5: The next segment of the costume is the lightning bolt. In the movie and in most depictions it is blue, so using a long piece of foam that you shape like a twisted lightning bolt, cover it in blue fabric and you’ll be the God of Gods.

Don’t forget your Roman Sandals or other Olympians!

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