How to Create a Xena Warrior Princess Costume?

Xena is a mythical figure made for television, but those of us who have seen any television probably recognize at least her regular costume. The regular costume is all leather with a little armor to make it more plausible. You can purchase her costume at a costume shop; however for those who feel the need to make your own we have some steps below to help you out.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* A brown or leather dress

* Metallic arm bands

* Round disc, preferably something you can make look metal

* Fake sword

* Leather sandals or boots


Step 1: The main part of any Xena costume is her dress with armor. A leather or brown dress will work great for this. The length should be mid thigh. If you have a dress or skirt that will work for this that will be great. The top portion of the outfit is a bustier style. You have a pronounced chest with a v-neck, and one inch shoulder straps. Over the skirt you will need another brown or leather skirt that is in strips. The next part of the overall skirt and top is the armor. If you can fashion metal armor that is great, otherwise don’t worry about it. The metal arm bands can serve as your armor to make it a bit more authentic.

Step 2: In this step you are going to accessorize. First the leather boots or sandals from ancient times, then you will need the weapons. Xena always has two weapons on her in the show; the circular boomerang and her sword. The sword can either be purchased or you can make one with a little tinfoil and cardboard. The circular disc is hollow, in other words it has no center. It is a one inch circular piece of metal with Celtic symbols. You can fashion one or find one at a costume store.

This will complete the Xena costume. To make it for warmer weather you can add a cloak or have a long sleeve body suit underneath the dress.

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