How to Create a Tug Boat Costume

Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the most popular costumes of the year. Just like everyone else you have fallen for the movie superheroes and costumes. You have probably worn a Captain Sparrow, Harry Potter or even a Marvel costume in the past. These costumes are popular because they are inventive and we can relate to the character. But what happens when you do not want to look the same as another ten people on your block? Where can you turn for an interesting and original look? One answer is the Tug Boat. A Mickey Mouse cartoon and others have anthropomorphized tug boats giving them character and a story. Now is your chance. By following our steps below you can create your own Tug Boat look.

##Materials Needed:##


Heavy Wire

Black Fabric

Red Fabric

White Fabric






Step 1: There is no pattern for this costume so you might want to find your own picture to go off of. You will need to start with the cardboard and wire. You will need to fashion the bow, sides, and stern of the boat. Once you form the boat you can begin to dress it up.

Step 2: The black fabric will be the hull of the boat. It should go on as the bottom layer.

Step 3: Next you can use the red and white to create stripes. Do not forget to use the white on the stern to name your Tug Boat.

Step 4: Your body and head will be the “_ìsteam”¬ù column for the tug boat. This means you need to dress in red and white to fashion the column. You may even wear a baseball cap on your head to make it more interesting. Lastly for the column you will need to create steam coming out of it, so use the cotton to make the steam.

Step 5: The suspenders will hold the boat on your shoulders so that it can be around your waist.

Step 6: The buoys and rope should hang off the side of your boat. These are often used to dock or get close to another boat, so they are needed to complete the look.

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