How to Create a Tooth Fairy Costume

The Tooth Fairy is getting a makeover for 2010. It is no longer the mythical sweet image we often have of the fairy. Instead the Rock will be playing the Tooth Fairy and “_ìbutching”¬ù up the role. Below you will find some necessary materials, as well as instructions on how to create your own modern day tooth fairy to rock the world!


* Ice Skates

* Fake wings

* Hockey pads

* Jeans

* Tee Shirt


Step 1: You have the option of making any of the necessary materials from scratch or going around and finding the pieces you need. If you start from scratch good stores to check out is Michaels or Jo- Ann fabrics. They provide a number of craft items to help you make fake hockey pads and wings.

Step 2: If you make the wings you will need some faux feathers that you can apply to white foam shaped wings.

Step 3: The wings will need to be attached to the body via the hockey gear. You might need some twine or florist wire that is extra strong. Do not forget to create some type of pulley system with the wings to flutter your wings.

Step 4: Roller Blades can be used in place of Ice Skates as you will want to be able to move around at the party. On the other hand if you cannot skate you could borrow the ice skates to carry with you or forget about them all together.

Step 5: The last part of the costume is really just something to wear under the costume. You can choose a white tee shirt and black jeans in keeping with the movie or go for something you prefer. Now all that is left is for you to find those teeth to collect!

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