How to Create a Thor Costume

Thor has long been a popular Marvel Comic based on the Norse God of Thunder. There are several rumors running around that a movie based on the comics will be released in 2011. The plot will be fairly simple with Dr. Donald Blake aka Thor being sent to Earth for punishment. He will have his mighty hammer the Mjollnir with him throughout the film as he protects the world. The cast may contain such actors as Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Hartnett, and Alexander Skarsgard (as Thor). However, it is unclear who will really be playing the parts as screen tests are still going on. For now though- if you are ready to get your costume started we have a couple of ideas.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red Fabric

* Blue Fabric

* Red wrist bands

* Boots

* Thor Hammer

* Viking Helmet

* Blonde wig

* Jumpsuit pattern

* Cape pattern


Thor is a very muscular God. Depending on your body type you may have to get a little more involved in the making of the costume. You could purchase some nude colored fabric and use a little bunting to get the muscles. This works great for children. For adults you probably don’t need to go to the extent of creating bulky muscles. Instead you need the materials listed above.

Step 1: is the best place to find fabric and patterns online. They should have the red and blue material you need. You will have to also shop for the right style pattern paying careful attention to sizes. An overall or jumpsuit pattern will help you get the main part of the costume cut out at the right size.

Step 2: Thor is dressed in a blue spandex suit that is formfitting. The top of the suit is much like an undershirt, thus you will not need material for sleeves.

Step 3: Once you have the body suit created it will be time to make the cape. The cape is red, ties around the neck, and flows to about mid calf or to the knees. It can be very simple in the creation.

Step 4: Around your wrist you will need the red wrist bands.

Step 5: The boots in the comic book are yellow and to mid calf. You can elect to go a different route if you have black boots.

Step 6: Add the blonde wig with shoulder length hair and the Viking helmet and you are almost ready to go.

Step 7: The last item is the hammer. The hammer is technically larger than a 3 pound hammer, but that will suffice if you do not want to purchase a toy hammer for the costume.

Following these steps and finding the right costume pattern should help you be ready for the 2011 movie.

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