How to Create a Spock (Star Trek 2009) Costume

Just when you thought the creators of Star Trek would not be releasing another full length feature film they come out with another! The new movie will be released in May of 2009, yet we could not confirm the new title. Star Trek is most popular among the SciFi groups, and Spock is known by almost everyone who has ever heard of the series whether they have watched it or not. Spock is known for his V symbol that is created with one hand. The symbol allows for the four fingers to split down the middle into a V. Spock is noted also for the pointed ears, which may remind you of a troll or elf. Below we have some details on how to create the Spock costume you need to welcome the new movie.

Materials Needed:

“¬¢Blue long sleeve shirt

“¬¢Black pants

“¬¢Black shoes

“¬¢Black wig

“¬¢Star Trek Ears


Step 1: You can find all of the materials for the Spock costume in your local stores, and perhaps even your own closet. For those who do not have the Vulcan ears they are available online at Costumzee or can be made with theatre makeup.

Step 2: To begin you need a navy blue long sleeve shirt with a black collar. If you cannot find the black collar consider using a turtleneck shirt underneath the blue shirt. This will provide you with the collar. To the blue shirt you will need to sew on silver ribbons. At the end of the sleeves you need two matching ribbons that go around the wrist. These are easy to sew on. The shirt should also have a Star Trek symbol on the upper left chest.

Step 3: The black pants should be tighter than your casual business suit. They are more of a knit or cotton pant, that is form fitting. They do not need to have pockets are any alterations.

Step 4: The loafers you choose for shoes will need to be black and well maintained. They should be polished to a shine as befits the station of Spock within the ship.

Step 5: Next is the black wig. The hair should be short, almost a military cut.

Step 6: Depending on if you decide to buy or make ears you will need to place those over your own ears before heading to the costume party.

The last step is not part of the costume materials, but nonetheless very important. You need to practice your Vulcan hand symbol before going to the party!

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