How to Create a Silk Spectre Costume (Watchmen)

Silk Spectre is the only female character from the Watchmen comics. Like her pals Silk Spectre is a somewhat different type of hero. If you have a girl who is into comics you might consider making a Silk Spectre costume for the next costume party. Making a costume can be really rewarding which is why we thought you might be interested in the Silk Spectre how to, especially with the upcoming release of the movie.

##Materials Needed:##

* Fake Black Leather

* Black Leather Boots

* Yellow Knit Top

* Yellow Knit Shorts

* Hooks


Step 1: The first thing to do is find a fabric store such as Michaels. Fabric stores can be found around your area or online. is one place you may find the black leather you are looking for. You may also want to see what kind of patterns they have for bathing suits.

Step 2: Essentially out of the black leather you need to make a bathing suit armor for your body, full arm gloves, and mid thigh black boots. You may want to find patterns for the gloves and the leg warmers (for lack of a better word).

Step 3: To make the boots you will want to start out with black leather boots. You are going to create the leather leg warmers to overlay the top of the boots, unless of course you can find the right style of boot without having to go to this trouble. To the top of the boots you will need some type of hook connected to a leather strap, which will hook on to the body portion of the costume.

Step 4: The gloves should cover the hands completely and go all the way up to the shoulders. At the shoulders you need a hook to attach the gloves to the yellow shirt.

Step 5: You can go about the body of the costume two ways. You can find a bathing suit that offers a black and yellow pattern like the Silk Spectre costume or you can make your own. If you make your own you will want to have a low cut yellow shirt, with short sleeves. You will also need yellow knit shorts. Over this you can then create a black leather suit to accentuate the hips and upper body.

With everything attached and on you or your child Silk Spectre is ready to go to the costume party. You can also add a red brown wig if you wish. Silk Spectre is not complete without the other Watchmen like The Comedian.

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