How to Create a Shrek Costume

Shrek has been warming the hearts of fans for several years, ever since 2001 when the first movie arrived in theatres. It also seems that Hollywood is not done with creating a new tale for these loveable characters from Shrek. In 2010, Shrek will once again be in theatres with his green ogre looks. As you can imagine his appearance hasn’t changed over much, but that doesn’t mean we cannot find a good costume to make, and especially if you have a budget. Sometimes paying out $20 is all you can afford for a costume. Follow our instructions below to put your mark on Shrek, cause he is going 3-D this year!


* Green Fabric

* Bunting

* Brown Vest

* White Tunic

* Brown Hose

* Brown Shoes

* Brown Belt


Step 1: You may have some materials in your home that you could turn into your Shrek costume. For example the white tunic could come from a white sheet, as the brown hose could be made from an old pair of pants or even from another old sheet you have lying around. If you do need fabric and other materials visit

Step 2: However, you decide to make the costume it should be based on the appropriate renaissance time period. So, even an old shirt would need to be re- fashioned to look right. Your white tunic will need long sleeves and to go down to about mid thigh. If you do not have a Shrek- physique you will need to use bunting to enhance the look, keeping it in place with the belt.

Step 3: The brown hose need to be skin tight, so an old pair of bike pants that you recover with brown could also work.

Step 4: For the vest you need something brown and short. It should sit half way down your upper body with a little tie on the front. Again any old brown material you have hanging around could be used for the vest.

Step 5: The most difficult part of the costume will be the Shrek green for the hands and face. You are better off with using paper mache to get the shape of your face, then adding to the mask to make it a little rounder. You could also cut the paper mache mask to place the ears in it. The ears can be made with green fabric and a little wire. The hands will need to look like thick gloves, which means a little padding might be warranted.

Step 6: For the shoes you can again use fabric. The shoes can be made from an old pair that you have that are wrapped in brown fabric to look correct for the period.

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