How to Create a Scrooge Costume

That miserly maniac we all love to hate is yet again being recreated for film. A Christmas Carol will be remade starring Jim Carey as Ebenezer Scrooge. The dark hearted humbug chanting Scrooge will once again find the true meaning of Christmas. So get ready to rattle some chains with your very own interpretation of Ebenezer Scrooge! With Scrooge you have two options: you can be dressed in daily wear or the traditional bed-jacket. We will give you his ghostly traveling gear of bed- jacket and slippers.

Materials Needed:

* Red Velvet or Brocade Fabric

* Red Velvet Night Cap

* Grey Wig with sparse hair

* Eyebrows

* Long Night Shirt (flannel, white)

* Black slippers


Step 1: You will have to find a pattern for the velvet men’s robe. Check out and for the pattern and fabric. The pattern you choose needs to have an ankle length or mid calf bed jacket. You may have to create the flannel night shirt as well, since it will need to be ankle length for authenticity.

Step 2: If you cannot find a velvet night cap in a regular store, check out the Scrooge page or you can try making your own. The cap should have a little ball or tassel hanging from the cap.

Step 3: Before placing the cap on your head make sure to put your hair in place. You need a sparse gray wig. The eyebrows need to be bushy and gray as well.

Step 4: Lastly for the costume part you will need old fashioned black slippers. Consider making these or shopping at a place with vintage shoes.

Before you can launch yourself into the world as Ebenezer Scrooge practice a couple of humbugs and get that frown in place! If you have other individuals in your party consider Jacob Marley costume or the three ghosts. If you have the True Christmas Spirit try Tiny Tim.

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