How to Create a Rooster Cogburn Costume

True Grit may not have gotten amazing reviews, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find the Rooster Cogburn cowboy costume to your liking. John Wayne was the original Rooster Cogburn, with his deep cowboy style. Jeff Bridges definitely brought his own interpretation to the role in the 2010 film released during the holidays. If you like westerns, like cowboys, and want to be a little different such as a hero with a bandit’s looks consider Rooster Cogburn. You’ll be an original rather than one of fifty.


* White shirt

* Grey vest

* Grey overcoat

* knit pants

* Cowboy boots

* Cowboy hat

* Eye patch

* Beard and mustache


Step 1: To begin you will need to get your hands on some pioneer style clothing. This can be done through costume discount stores or through fabric patterns. If you make your own look at Joann Fabrics or Michaels for fabric and patterns. You could also adapt current clothing to look like the correct pioneer clothing.

Step 2: Color choices do not matter as much as the right look. You’ll want layers of clothing with a white shirt, vest, under coat, and over coat for the top half. You could go all out and wear the long john PJs that were popular back in those days.

Step 3: For the bottom half you simply need some style of pants and you could add in leather chaps, though the pants for Rooster Cogburn are enough.

Step 4: Cowboy boots that are not flashy and look worn are the best options. You can add in spurs or go without. It is up to you.

Step 5: Add on a worn looking brown hat and you are almost ready.

Step 6: Your hair should be long and graying, which might require a wig along with fake mustache and beard. You do not have to be particularly well groomed for the look.

Step 7: Wear the eye patch over your right eye and you will be ready to hit the trails.

Since most fake guns are not allowed with costumes you may have to forgo weapons. If you have a costume party at home add in the belt with fake gun to create the perfect True Grit costume.

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