How to Create a Ripcord Costume

Ripcord is just one of the many GI Joe characters that will be starring in the new movie. Ripcord is an American Hero, part of the armed forces trying to battle evil doers. In GI Joe The Rise of Cobra, Ripcord will be played by Marlon Wayans. In honor of the Armed Forces Day coming up on May 16th and the release of GI Joe in August you might want to make your Ripcord Costume now!

##Materials Needed##

*Black Shirt

*Black Pants

*Fake Weapon

*Shoulder Pads

*Black Paint



Step 1: You will need to find a black turtleneck with long sleeves. It should be a formfitting shirt because you will need to place fake armor over the shirt.

Step 2: The pants can be knit, jeans, or any other material as long as they are formfitting and go to the ankles. Even black cargo pants will work nicely.

Step 3: To begin with the rest of the costume you need to make armor and sew it on to the pants or shirt. Shoulder pads that are died black can work for certain areas. They will sew on easier. You can cut them to fit the pattern you need when necessary.

Step 4: For the rest of the armor painting cardboard black, then cutting it out in stripes to attach with glue or another form of material will help you get the chest, legs, and some arm pieces in place.

Step 5: The last step is to find a military weapon that is fake. It will complete the GI Joe soldier appearance that you need.

Don’t forget to bring Duke or Snake Eyes along to make it a truly GI Joe costume party or Halloween!!

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