How to Create a Night Owl Costume (Watchmen)

The Watchmen are a different sort of comic book hero. This year with the first movie coming out based on the popular DC Comics, your child may want to be one of the characters from the movie. Night Owl is just one of the costumes you can choose from the Watchmen. Below we have details of how you need to create the costume and turn your child from an ordinary guy into a hero.

Materials Needed:

Brown pants

Brown tank top

Brown fabric



Step 1: To begin you will need to visit a fabric store such as Michael’s or JoAnn’s. Both companies have fabric stores online as well. You will need to get a dark brown fabric and then a thicker brown fabric.

Step 2: The dark brown fabric will be turned into a cape to make the owl wings. What I would do is secure the cape to the back of the brown tank top and to the arm armor you will be making.

Step 3: For the arms you need two forearm shields. They will need to secure at the wrist and just before the elbow, but extend back just enough to cover the back part of the elbow area. To make the armor use the thicker brown fabric you purchased.

Step 4: The next part of the armor you need to make is the head piece. The head piece should extend past the neck to sit on the shoulders. On the shoulders you should have a square piece of fabric set perpendicular to the body. Then it will move up the head, where you cut out holes for the mouth and cheeks. In other words you want the fabric to cover the nose, and a place to cut out the eye holes. Once you have the correct form you can then take left over material to make two ears and sew them on.

Step 5: All you need to do now is don the pants, shirt, helmet, and arm armor. Any type of brown shoe or boot is acceptable for your feet. You can also add a brow belt to complete the effect if you wish.

Now that your costume is completed Night Owl can join Silk Spectre and the rest of the Watchmen to save the day!

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