How to Create a Modern Pilgrim Costume

Modern Pilgrim

After Halloween, thoughts turn to Thanksgiving celebrations and the costumes that may be needed for the different school plays and other events that are held to remind us of the first Thanksgiving. This year if you are tired of seeing the same old pilgrim costume we may have one for you. This modern pilgrim has gotten a few updates to his look!

Materials Needed:

* Black Pants

* White Socks

* Black Shirt with White Collar

* Black Hat

* Black Dress Shoes with Buckles

* Black Belt with Buckle

* Cardboard and black fabric, if you make the hat; yellow fabric if you need to make shoe or belt buckles

The materials may sound like the ones used for a traditional Pilgrim costume; however, the difference comes in how the costume will be put together.


Step 1: You need to find a pair of baggy pants that will hang so low they are almost falling off. You may need to buy them in a much larger size than you normally wear. Also find a wide black belt with a gold buckle.

Step 2: A regular black button-down shirt with long sleeves is fine; however, look for one with a rather square collar and wide cuffs. The length can be regular or slightly longer than you normally wear. Step 4: The hat you choose can remain regular “_ìpilgrim”¬ù in style with its round brim and puritan looks. You can easily make one by taking cardboard and cutting a circle for the brim and a wide oval shape (wider at the bottom than the top, however) for the top. Join the edges of the oval together and attach to the circle.

Step 5: The shoes can be any black dress shoes, as long as you have those fake gold buckles to enhance the Modern Pilgrim look! You can make the buckles for the shoes, belt, and hat by using square pieces of cardboard covered with yellow fabric.

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