How to Create a Lotus Flower

Sometimes the imagination can create the best costumes. If you are looking for a costume that can be linked to the Lightning Thief movie without being a God or Goddess you might just like the Lotus Flower. Of course this flower will work for any type of costume party, but it has special meaning in Greek Mythology. According to Mythology the Lotus flower has the power to muddle your mind, so that time flies by and yet you think it is only a few hours.


* Pink Fabric

* Yellow Fabric

* Green Fabric

* Green Pantsuit

* Sewing Machine


Step 1: There are several online locations to buy fabric, as well as local stores. Consider as one place to look. You might also check out Michaels Arts and Craft stores.

Step 2: If you are going to be the Lotus flower you will want to start on the flower itself. You should have twenty different petals for your flower. The petals will be made from the pink fabric. The twenty petals need to be opposite each other like the picture above.

Step 3: Once the petals have been made you need to make the center of the flower. The center is a yellow creation, you can just make it a rounded section of yellow or be more detailed in your design.

Step 4: The flower will be made as a hat, so you should have the ability to secure it. You can use the green fabric for this. By using the green fabric you can create a hat that will make you look like part of the stem. You also need to use the green fabric for leaves.

Step 5: The green pant suit will take away the need for creating the entire stem. With the pant suit you will be dressed all in green, thus looking like a flower stem, especially when you add a few leaves to the stems.

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