How to Create a Leprechaun Costume

Leprechauns are about to be running rampant around our streets, with St. Paddy’s Day only three days away. Of course this costume we will describe below can be used for any costume party and for many years to come. This particular look is for a sexy Leprechaun costume. You may also want to bring along your Fairy girl to add to the sexy look!


* Black Dress Pants

* Black Dress Shoes

* Green Vest

* Green Top Hat

* Green Arm Bands

* Bow tie


Step 1: To begin the Leprechaun look you will need to find the above materials. You might have the dress shoes and pants in your closet, but it might be a little harder to come up with the green vest. If you do not have any of the items listed you can try creating your own out of fabric or a thrift store.

Step 2: Now, make sure your shoes have been shined before you wear them with the costume. They should be extremely clean and shinny to pull off the look.

Step 3: The vest is the only thing you will wear on your upper torso, you will want it to have six buttons of gold two each on a row.

Step 4: The arm band you locate needs to have a fake four leaf clover attached to it. You can have one for each arm or just the one. It depends on how you want to look.

Step 5: The bow tie can be a clip on affair or you can tie your own. Your skill will be the test here.

Step 6: The last thing you need for your costume is the top hat. It should be green with a black “Àúbelt’ wrapped around it. You might also want to find a gold buckle. The hat should be felt or cloth to match your vest!

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