How to Create a John Connor (Terminator Salvation) Costume

John Connor was the talk of the first terminator movies. It was John Connor that brought Sarah Connor into the whole story with future technology coming to kill her. Now in 2009 a new movie,Terminator Salvation, is coming out where the star of the show is John Connor trying to help the world yet again survive against “_ìrobots.”¬ù The Terminator robots are back along with a host of new characters. We have a couple of ideas on how to make a John Connor costume.

Materials Needed:

Blue Jeans

Black tee shirt

Futuristic weapons


Leather Jacket (optional)


Step 1: Basically everything you need for the John Connor Terminator costume can be found in your own closet. However, if you do not have some fake weapons to add to the costume you will need to visit a discount toy shop or see what you can find online.

Step 2: After you have the weapons and the clothes you

need the rest is pretty simple. You will want to get dressed in the blue jeans and tee shirt. We mention a leather jacket, but this is optional. The jacket appears on and off throughout the film.

Step 3: If you elect not to wear the jacket you may also want to consider fake blood and a bandage on the upper left arm. John Connor is in several battles, which means injury can help sell the costume.

Step 4: The boots should be combat style.

Step 5: Short cropped hair is also necessary to pull off the costume. You can use a wig to get this effect if you don’t want to shave your head down to the barest of hair.

Also to sell the costume as John Connor considering having the T800 Terminator among your party. There is nothing like being chased by the robots to make the costumes appear more real to those around you!

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