How to Create a Jimmy T (WarioWare) costume

Ever wanted to be one of the characters from WarioWare for Halloween? Dress up as the disco dancing blue afro guy from the WarioWare series!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blue afro wig

* Black sunglasses with white frames.

* Red collared jacket.

* White bell-bottomed pants

* White belt with round buckle

* Fake black horseshoe mustache

* Blue shoes

* Red facepaint

* Fake muscles

##Putting on a costume##

1. Put on a pair of pants.

2. Put on a belt.

3. Unfold the collar of the jacket. You may want to put on a fake muscle before putting on a jacket to keep yourself warm.

4. Put on some red facepaint on your nose. Be careful not to put it near your eyes.

5. Put on a fake mustache using spirit gum.

6. Slip on a wig.

7. Put on a pair of sunglasses.

8. Put on a pair of blue shoes.

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