How to Create a Hoodwinked Costume

Hoodwinked was a popular film among younger generations in 2005. This film has lent us new versions of old fairy tale costumes. In 2010, Hoodwinked Too Good versus Evil is being released. If you want an inventive, yet movie related costume you might consider Little Red Riding Hood, better known as Red. Red is a teenage version of Little Red Riding Hood with some tricks up her sleeve to stop evil from kidnapping and worse.


* Red Fabric

* Grey Skirt

* Tan Shirt

* Grey Leggings

* Wood Basket


Step 1: You have two options when it comes to the red fabric. You can purchase the fabric online from or similar fabric stores. Your other option is to use a cape you have in your closet from a previous costume. It should be red or dyed red if you can (since this is little red riding hood).

Step 2: The cape if going from scratch should be knee length or shorter. You will want it to tie in the front, with a hood to cover your hair. You should also consider a brown wig if you do not have brown hair, but you do not have to.

Step 3: The clothing is pretty simple. It can really be any teenage style fashion you wish to have, as the costumes from the movie are definitely more modern than the actual time period of the fairy tale.

Step 4: Little Red Riding Hood will definitely need her wooden basket and a bike for deliveries. However, you can just go with the basket to keep it simple. The basket should have boxes with hidden tools of Red’s trade.

Step 5: Consider bringing along a Wolf costume to ensure Red is safe!

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