How to Create a Hikaru Sulu (Star Trek 2009) Costume

Hikaru Sulu or just plain Sulu is one of the main characters in Star Trek. His character is reappearing in the May 2009 release of Star Trek. Sulu will be played by John Cho. Sulu is a Lieutenant and was the security chief and second officer on the USS Enterprise. If you’re looking for a Star Trek costume, but do not want to be Spock, Sulu is a nice option for you. We have some steps below to help you create the costume.

Materials Needed:

Gold Long Sleeve Shirt

Black Mock Turtleneck

Black Knit Pants

Enterprise Logo Patch

Black Boots

Star Trek Weapon


Step 1: You will need to locate the materials listed above. You may find some of these clothing pieces in your closet or you might check online auction sites like eBay.

Step 2: The white enterprise logo patch should be a iron style to make it easier. You will need to attach this to the upper left side of the gold long sleeve shirt.

Step 3: Underneath the gold shirt you will need the black mock turtleneck. This will simulate a black collar on the shirt. You can always sew on a black collar if you wish. This is up to you and how much work you want to go into on the costume.

Step 4: The pants should be formfitting yet comfortable. This means you will want to find a knit pair of black pants or spandex.

Step 5: The black boots should reach your mid calf. Combat boots, cowboy boots, or any style boot will work for this, but you can also find Star Trek style boots for sale if you wish.

Step 6: Now that you have the rest of the costume all you need is your weapon and you can head out to fight the villains of Star Trek and save the universe!

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