How to Create a Grinch Costume

Every year there are many movies we break out to watch at Christmas time. ABC Family has 25 days of Christmas with old and new movies. So no matter what your favorite films are you usually get to see them. One of the more popular Christmas movies with Children is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It was a half hour cartoon for many years, and then Hollywood made a life action film starring Jim Carey as the Grinch. This year if you want to bring a little Grouch to Christmas consider the Grinch for at the end you too could grow a heart twice as big!

##Materials Needed:##

* Green Fabric

* Sewing Machine

* Pattern

* Green Makeup

* Santa Suit

* Santa Hat


Step 1: The base of your costume will need to be the Grinch body. To start you should find a pattern and plush green fabric. and both have material.

Step 2: You will want to follow the pattern you find to make a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit needs to have a “_ìcowl”¬ù style neck line. You will also need to create gloves as part of the jumpsuit. There should be long fingers that are slightly pointed. The bottom of the jumpsuit will require elf style shoes with the curled toe.

Step 3: You have two options for the face. You can create a hood that covers the entire face. This leaves you with a more accurate Grinch face. However, if you do not have the talent, time, or desire you can go with face makeup. All you would have to do is create a hood for the hair and expand the cheeks a little. Then you add green makeup to give it a more Grinch look.

Step 4: Once the Grinch look is complete you are going to dress up in a Santa Suit complete with Santa hat.

Step 5: Lastly to the costume you will want a stuffed dog. The Grinch had his faithful sidekick with him throughout. You can have the dog dressed up as a reindeer or as the dog. If you have a real dog you can also dress them up.

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