How to Create a Goth Nutcracker

Christmas is about giving, sharing, and having a great spirit. If you prefer goth style costumes we have one for you. The Goth Nutcracker is based on the Nutcracker Ballet and the many movies that have been created to tell the story. Nutcrackers are always a part of Christmas. They make wonderful decorations, as well as functional items. So whether you want to look like the ballet Nutcracker or a decoration you have the option of turning it goth.

##Materials Needed:##

*Black Pants

*Military Style Black Jacket

*Silver or White Sash


*Black Boots

*Black Fur Hat

*Appropriate Makeup


Step 1: To begin your Goth Nutcracker you need to find black military pants and jacket. A traditional nutcracker has a red jacket, not black which is why we chose the black look for the Goth Nutcracker.

Step 2: You will then dress up the costume with the white or silver sash, and the belt with the sword.

Step 3: Next add the boots and hat.

Step 4: What truly makes this a goth Nutcracker will be the makeup. Instead of red circles on the face, you will want to have black circles, and black eye makeup. The original nutcracker costume has large red circles on each cheek. You can recreate this with the black circles or leave it red. The choice is of course up to you.

In addition to the face you may also add the accessory of moustache and beard. Nutcrackers are Russian decorations, thus you can take the face of a nutcracker to create your costume.

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