How to Create a Disney Pixar UP Costume

UP is a three dimensional film, which was released to theatres on May 26th. The film is about an old geezer who has decided to take an adventure out of the city. The movie is going to offer us several amazing costumes, but one of the most fun to make will be the House costume. We have some information on how to create this costume for you below.

##Materials Needed##









Step 1: To begin you will need a cardboard box which will fit over your shoulders and down to mid thigh. You will also need a second cardboard box that will be used to cut out pieces.

Step 2: The first box will need a head and two arm holes. The bottom can be left open to make walking easier. To the first cardboard box you need to create the roof and porch. The roof will need to have different pitches, which means you will need to create triangles. It is probably best if you see a movie trailer or see our picture to get an idea of the house. Once you have the roof you can create steps and a porch towards the bottom. Tape, glue or other means can be used to attach the pieces.

Step 3: Refering to images again you will want to see what the paint is like for the house to give it the right appearance. It will take time for the paint to dry so consider taking a week or more to make the costume.

Step 4: If you find it necessary you can use elastic to help keep the box in place on your shoulders providing more comfort, especially if you want to go all out in the design.

Step 5: After the house has been completed you will need to create your balloon formation. To get the house to sail around the world the main character attached thousands of balloons. So however many you have the breath for attach a variety of colored balloons with string to your house roof.

Now that your house is complete you can elect to add Carl the Old Geezer or Russell the Boy Scout to the front porch. If you are really good at art you might draw their faces in the windows of the house. You can also add cloth to the sides of the house like sails as the movie had.

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