How to Create a Conan Edogawa Costume

Anyone who is a fan of anime may have heard of Detective Conan or Case Closed (USA version). In the USA Case Closed ran for more than 120 episodes before Funimation gave up producing them. They also offered six movies in English, though there are 14 movies released with a 15th in the works. Detective Conan has also reached over 600 episodes, which still air in Japan. The story behind Detective Conan is slightly juvenile considering a teenage boy was shrunk into a grade school child who solves mysteries just as well as Sherlock Holmes. However, the anime series is highly popular and it could be your child would work perfectly for this costume if they have dreams of being a detective.


* Glasses

* Red Tie

* Blue suit jacket

* White dress shirt

* Red sneakers

* Grey shorts

* White socks


Step 1: Almost all of the materials to create Detective Conan can be found in a closet at home. If you are dressing up as the sleuth you may not have to buy anything special. For children you might have to look at what they have and then shop accordingly. Thrift stores, Wal-mart and other discount stores might have the perfect materials. You could also use a pattern and fabric to create the appropriate look.

Step 2: When you combine the white dress shirt with the suit jacket you’ll be half way to completing the costume. The jacket must be blue to make it a Detective Conan look since the character wears his old grade school uniform.

Step 3: The red bow tie may be harder to come by in a closet, but nonetheless they are sold in stores. You can even get a clip on.

Step 4: The shorts should have pockets in the front, so that you or your child can affect the proper detectives pose the character has in the anime.

Step 5: Add on the non prescription glasses, red shoes and white socks and you are the boy wonder sleuth.

You could also go for his adult version as Kudo, with long black pants instead of shorts and no glasses.

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