How to Create a Christmas Tigger Costume

He bounces on his tail, he tumbles Winnie the Pooh in the snow, and loves the Christmas holiday! Tigger is one of the most jovial characters as part of the cartoon and book series. No Christmas costume party would be complete without Tigger, especially if you have a Winnie the Pooh theme. Since Tigger is so special we have come up with a bit of a costume for him during the Christmas season.

##Materials Needed:##

* Yellow Fabric

* Orange Fabric with Black Stripes

* Bunting

* Wire

* Santa Hat

* Scarf

* Tigger Mask


Step 1: Your main Tigger costume can be created in two ways. You can purchase the main costume jumpsuit and head or you can make it from scratch. Since this is a how to we will be making ours from a pattern and fabric. is one online store you can purchase fabrics and patterns from. The pattern will need to be a Tiger or Tigger pattern if you can find one.

Step 2: Follow the instructions given to you on the pattern. It will help you create the jumpsuit with hands, legs, and proper tail. The tail will most likely require wire to get it shaped, especially if you want the Pogo tail.

Step 3: Tigger’s face is awfully hard to make from scratch, but not impossible. You may elect to use your own head for the look, but if not you can purchase the hooded mask. Make sure if you use your own face to add whiskers, a pink nose, and giant Tigger mouth with the proper striping.

Step 4: The scarf can be purple, green, red, a mixture of colors or anything you have on hand.

Step 5: The Santa hat can be the typical look with cotton rim and ball on the top. It could also be a wintery hat you have lying around.

If you really want to create something a little different, consider accessorizing with some skates or a song book to go caroling with! If you have Tigger you should bring Eeyore along, he always feels depressed at the holidays, so cheer him up!

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