How to Create a Christmas Light Costume

Decorations have notoriously made good costumes in parades and at parties. There are always going to be Santa’s and Mrs. Claus’s but something like a Christmas Light costume is often a nuance. There are numerous types of Christmas lights from past and present that have been used. For example the first Christmas lights were actually candles. Eventually they became strings of lights with large bulbs and now we have tiny little twinkle lights that use LED bulbs like those pictured above. You can be a round bulb, square, chandelier style and much more. Below are a few tips to get you started.

##Materials Needed:##

* Fabric

* Sewing Machine

* Wire

* Thread


Step 1: There is not going to be a pattern for your bulb so you will need to consider finding something that fits close to the design you wish to make. The first step will be determined what type of bulb and what color you wish to create.

Step 2: Once you know the color of the Christmas light you wish to be you can get started on making it. The bulb will need to go over your head and cover your body from the knees up. You also need an end for the bulb, but more on that in a minute. Use the wire to structure the bulb in places where it does not want to keep its form.

Step 3: The bottom of bulbs has changed much like the history of the bulb. Most bulbs today do not screw into the socket, but actually just stick inside. Your legs can be covered in green pants, with fake little gold wires to accentuate the bottom of the bulb.

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