How to Create a Christmas Fireplace Costume

Who doesn’t love a nice crackling fire during the holidays, when it is snowing outside and the entire family is about to sit down to the Christmas meal? This year you can bring the fireplace with you to your costume party. Sure you could go as Santa Claus or even a reindeer, but hasn’t that been done before? How many times have you seen a Christmas Fireplace Costume all decked out with stockings and garland? Probably not too many.

##Materials Needed:##

*Brick Fabric

*Christmas Stockings



*Tee Shirt with Fireplace Picture

* Cardboard


Step 1: or are two places online that sell fabric, but there are many others. You will need to look for fabric that looks like a brick wall.

Step 2: Take the fabric and either create a pant suit or use it to cover a cardboard box. The box will need to look like the outside of a fireplace that is ringed in brick. The cardboard box can then be worn by you to provide a three dimensional fireplace. You could also use paint if you can’t find fabric to create the entire fireplace.

Step 3: If you use paint you will need to make burning logs for the inside. You can also use a tee shirt with a fireplace picture if you choose the brick pant suit.

Step 4: Once the main costume has been created. You will need to dress it up like Christmas. The first step would be to ring the garland around the edge of your fireplace mantle.

Step 5: Next you can add lights to help increase the garland.

Step 6: Since the fireplace for Christmas is not complete without stockings you will want to choose a couple of your Christmas stockings to hang in front of the fire.

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