How to Create a Christmas Bell Costume

Bells at Christmas time are the norm. People are always ringing bells at Christmas time. There is even a song “_ìSilver Bells,”¬ù so Christmas Bells are an essential part of Christmas and if you want to have a costume that no one else has consider making a bell.

##Materials Needed:##

*Silver Fabric

*Heavy Duty Wire

*Black Pantsuit


Step 1: Some shopping for material will be required if you are going to make a Christmas Bell costume. You can visit online fabric stores such as or to find the necessary material. You may also want to search for a bell style dress to help you get the right shape. The pattern should have a form fitting bodice with a rounded neckline and a wider skirt. The wire can help you get the right bell shape for the bottom of the dress.

Step 2: Follow the pattern to help you create the “_ìbell”¬ù dress. If you want to change from Silver Bells to gold, that is an option. Christmas also has gold bells like those the Santa rings at the collection buckets.

Step 3: Once the bell has been made you can begin to add accessories. Underneath the bell you will need the black pantsuit. First your legs will be the clapper, so they need to be a different color than your dress.

Step 4: One accessory you may consider purchasing is Holly. The holly leaf can go in your hair like a topping to the bell.

Step 5: You may also add a brown, black, or silver hat to signify the handle of a bell.

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