How to Create a Chimney Sweep Costume

With the revival of Mary Poppins, you might want to create your own costume for the next costume party. Mary Poppins was launched on Broadway to recreate the hit film of 1964 with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andres. There are many tunes from the movie that stick in the minds of anyone who have seen it, which is why it is making such a successful Broadway hit. One of the costumes is Dick Van Dyke’s Chimney Sweep. We will tell you how to create this look if you are interested. It can be used for any costume party, Halloween, or even your own production of the musical!


* Brown Dress Shirt

* Black or Grey Jacket

* Black Tie

* Black Dress Pants

* Black work boots

* Broom

* Black or Grey Golfer’s Hat


Step 1: To begin you may need to visit your Grandfather’s closet or a thrift store. You can also make the costume out of what you own, though it will not be authentic to the 1910’s time period that Mary Poppins was based on.

Step 2: When you get ready to dress you will need black dress pants. These can be fairly typical of a working style dress pant that could certainly be dirtied while you work. Dockers would be okay for this.

Step 3: The dress shirt should be brown with a button down front and no collar. It will then be covered over by the jacket you wear, except in the front where you do not have it buttoned. Think for the jacket as a knitted sweater for winter.

Step 4: The neck tie is something all together different. It is more like a bandana that could be used to get the soot off of their faces rather than a business tie, so it is actually tied around the neck with a short piece and then a longer piece rather than your traditional neck tie knot.

Step 5: All you need now are the work boots, a chimney sweep tool, and the Golfer’s Cap.

Do not forget the Soot though, as your face should be dirty as well as your hands, after a long day cleaning out English Chimneys has come to an end!

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