How to Create a Boomer (Burger King Kids Club) costume

Boomer is the tomboy of the Burger King Kids Club. If you remember being a kid in the 90s, dress up as the Burger King’s tomboy.

##Things you will need##

* Red ponytail wig (if you don’t have red hair)

* Any sports jersey (preferably a football or hockey jersey) with a “7” marked on it

* Bicycle shorts

* Elbow pads

* Knee pads (must be the same color as elbow pads)

* Inline skates (again, same color as elbow pads)

* Sports accessories such as baseball bat, tennis racket, and hockey stick (optional)

##Dressing up as Boomer##

1. Google an image of Boomer from Burger King Kids Club for references.

2. Put on a wig. Make sure it’s slightly curly.

3. Slip on a jersey.

4. Put on a pair of bicycle shorts.

5. Slip on elbow pads, knee pads, and inline skates

6. Carry one of the sports accessories. You can skip this step if you want.

7. You might want to be careful while wearing inline skates during trick or treat.

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