How to be Wayne (from SNL’s Wayne’s World)

Want a costume that screams “It’s party time! Excellent!”? Dress up as Wayne from Saturday Night Live’s “Wayne’s World” sketches. Rock music loving Wayne and his sidekick Garth proved to be so popular with fans that they ended up with their own movie and a sequel.Played by SNL alum, Mike Myers, Wayne was a 20-something metalhead who lived in his parents’ basement in Aurora, IL. He ran his own weekly cable access television show with occassional musical guests and local celebrities putting in an appearance.

Look excellent as Wayne and make it a fun couples’ or buddy costume with a Garth costume.


* Brown mullet wig

* Black baseball cap

* White fabric paint OR

* Iron on transfer paper and computer printer

* Black t-shirt

* Stonewashed jeans (loose fit)

* Belt

* Scissors (for cutting holes in jeans)

* Converse sneakers

* Toy guitar


Step 1: Put on a brown mullet wig for that oh-so-early ’90s rocker ‘do!

Step 2: Using either white fabric paint or iron-on transfer paper, paint or transfer the “Wayne’s World” logo onto your black baseball cap. Wait for it to dry and put it on.

Step 3: Put on a black t-shirt.

Step 4: Tuck in your t-shirt into your jeans and secure them with a belt. Yes, it looks cheesy and dorky by today’s standards, but we’re going for a ’90s look here!

Step 5: Grab a pair of scissors and slice some holes and slashes into the knees of your jeans. Fray the edges a bit for a more worn-in look.

Step 6: Lace up your black and white Converse sneakers.

Step 7: Grab a (toy or real) guitar and sing the Wayne’s World theme song for your friends. Give ’em the thumbs up and tell ’em how “excellent” the party is. Don’t forget to crank the “Bohemian Rhapsody” from your car before entering the party. Party on, Wayne!

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