How To Be Batman’s Friend Robin

The costume instructions here are for the “_ìcurrent”¬ù Robin, as he appears in the comics now.

What You Will Need:

Red Under Armor_Ç¬Æ thermal underwear (pants and long-sleeve shirt)

Black shiny material (an old black satin sheet will work well)

Yellow shiny material (again, an old satin sheet will work well) OR wide yellow belt

Yellow and black construction paper or craft foam for mask and embellishments

Black gloves

Black boots


Cut a “ìv”¬ù into the front of the red shirt about 2″¬ù to 3″¬ù long. Cut a piece of the shiny black material and fasten it to the underside of the “ìv”¬ù, so that it will appear there is a black shirt underneath. Attach two strips of yellow material (with pins or craft glue) to either side of the “_ìv”¬ù cut.

Make the cape. Cut the black shiny material so that it hangs at about ankle-length (short enough so that it will not be a tripping hazard). Then, simply drape it about the wearer’s shoulders and fasten with a pin. You can also cut two thin strips of material, one on either side of the cape, so that they can be tied together in front.

Cut two round pieces of yellow material large enough to cover the shoulders of the shirt. They should not extend past the shoulder. Fasten them to the collar of the shirt, where it meets the shirt itself, on both sides.

Use the rest of the yellow material to make the belt and/or embellish the costume. A wide strip of material can be cut and tied around the wearer’s waist. Use a piece of yellow construction paper or craft foam to make a wide oval “_ìbuckle”¬ù.

Cut an “_ìR”¬ù from yellow construction or craft foam and attach it to the right breast of the shirt. Cut several strips of yellow craft foam or construction paper into 1″¬ù rectangular shapes; place them at evenly-spaced intervals down the middle of the shirt.

(photo credit: istolethetv on flickr)

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