Host your own Oscar Costume Party!

Sunday night, February 24th, the biggest awards ceremony recognizing the outstanding achievements of Hollywood film makers, actors, and actresses is on with Tinsel Town’s best and brightest walking the red carpet in the hopes of achieving film immortality.

With the writers’s strike finally off, the Academy Awards will be going full tilt with designer couture and swingin’ after parties for the winners and losers. You don’t have to be in Hollywood to throw your own shin dig and Oscar party, complete with eye-catching costumes in place of designer duds.

Come up a winner and dress as the Oscar statuette himself with gold makeup and a gold or spray-painted bodysuit! Perhaps you would like to emulate some of the roles the nominees are in the running for. Don a cute ponytail and a sporty zip-up hoodie with a pillow tucked under it to dress as America’s indie film sweetheart, the pluckily pregnant teen, Juno! Gentlemen can dress in Victorian costumes and streak their hair with grey to look like Sweeney Todd, carrying a fake razor. Or maybe Jesse James (pre-assassination, we hope) is more your cup of tea with a cowboy and toy six shooter to accompany you. For more of a regal look, dress as Queen Elizabeth I in flowing skirts and a ruffled Elizabethan collar. Or, show your love of film in a more generalized way with that film staple everyone loves, a box of popcorn or as an older Hollywood icon like Marilyn Monroe or a past film nominee like Rocky.

Decorate your pad with a walkway of stick-on stars like the Hollywood Walk of Fame or even with fake handprints like Grauman’s Chinese Theatre! Serve some fun, film-flavored foods like some Red Vines, Junior Mints, or even “fava beans with a nice chianti” a la Lecter to make your party a blockbuster hit!

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