Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs. Evil Offers New Costumes

A few years ago Hoodwinked an animated film was released. The film was based on red riding hood, her grandmother and the big bad wolf. Red had to fight against an evil plot in order to get her grandmother back safe. The popularity of this film has now sparked a sequel called Hoodwinked Too Hood versus Evil. The director is Mike Disa who also helped Cory Edwards write the screen play.

The release date is just confirmed as 2010, with no month or date yet provided for the USA; however, it will most likely be out towards the end of January or beginning of February. We have some new characters, which means new costumes for us. Red will be appearing with Hayden Panettiere supplying the voice. Originally Red was voiced by Anne Hathaway. Bill Murray will be Mr. Alligator, with Amy Poehler as Gretel, and Bill Hader as Hansel. Joan Cusack is also lending her voice as the Witch.

Red is now a teenager who is training in a mysterious land. She is training with a group called the Sister Hoods. During her training she is called by the head of the Happily Ever After Agency, Nick Flippers. It seems that Hansel and Gretel have gone missing, and it is up to Red to find the missing pair. In a comedic fight against evil Red will come up against the witch from the tale Hansel and Gretel in order to save her co- fairy tale partners.

It is yet again a fairy tale like you have never witnessed before. Laughter is mandatory when you see this film.

It is geared more towards the younger set, but as always there will be some witty humor for adults to enjoy. It also gives us a new costume party idea with Red Riding Hood costumes, witch costumes, and Hansel and Gretel costumes in the mix.

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