Hellboy: The Golden Army – Golden Opportunity for New Costumes?

Horror, fantasy, and comic book genre fans were treated to a trailer for the Hellboy sequel, Hellboy: The Golden Army during the previews before the blockbuster, “Cloverfield.” From the looks of it, it shouldn’t disappoint and may be even better than the first one. With the film’s director, Guillermo del Toro gaining worldwide acclaim for his foreign fantasy film, “Pan’s Labrynth” and the new “The Orphanage”, the new Hellboy flick is already eagerly being anticipated by critics as well as fans of the Mike Mignola comic book.

The preview shows that many of the main characters from the first film are present, several new fan-favorite characters are slated to make an appearance in the sequel. So far, the only costumes available are of the big red guy, Hellboy himself, with an assortment of masks, full-length costumes, and even Hellboy’s large red fist to accessorize with. Hopefully, the July 2008 release will yield some other cool costumes based on popular supporting characters such as the intellectual half-man half-fish, Abe Sapien and the eagerly awaited new character (taken directly from Mignola’s comics), the metaphysical medium without a body, Johann Strauss.

While it might be more difficult to come up with a convincing Abe Sapien costume on your own, a Johan Strauss costume may be easy to pull off, modifying a plain, white or grey astronaut costume with a little bit of white, silver, or grey spraypaint to create an opaque effect on Johann’s face mask of the suit his spirit is housed in.

Additionally, as par for the course for any del Toro film, fantastical and elaborate creatures play an important role. Maybe some costumes of the supporting characters and fantasy-based villains are in store for fans in time for Halloween or upcoming summer Comic Cons.

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