Hell! Be Chef Ramsay for halloween ‘you Donkey’!

Ok, here is a costume idea for a man…Funny, yes. Unique…TOTALLY!

Be Chef Ramsay for Halloween! I love Hell’s Kitchen the Fox network TV show, I watch it on a weekly basis. I was a chef once, yes I was, so I do have a ‘special’ connection with the candidates trying to win their restaurant in that show.

If you haven’t watched it yet, well it’s almost over so try catching up the next season, you’ll find it hilarious. Or you can catch his new show coming up this Fall

In the meantime for those of you who watch the show, jump on this Chef Ramsay costume idea! All you need is:

a tight cook’s vest (looks like Chef Ramsay wears 2 sizes down is regular shirt’s size :)…)

a blond wig

a British accent (you’ve got to figure that one out!)

And the proper Chef Ramsay language – Kids, watch out, swearing coming up!

“Is it ready, yes? yes?”

“And this is where it separates a f**king chef from a donkey!”

“Come here! Come here YOU!”

“You’re going to blow fire in your face, you f**king donkey!”

“We cook spaghetti to order! Even the dirtiest, scummiest Italian restaurant in Venice Beach cooks spaghetti to order you donkey!”

“You’re a useless cow”

“You’re pushing me to the f**king limit big boy!”

“Would you mind taking your breasts off my hot plate? How can I serve food with those f**king things there?”

“You’re standing there, you’re screwing me, and you’re f**king useless! What are you doing?”

Any other ones to add? Feel free to suggest any in the comments below.

And if you decide on dressing up as Chef Ramsay for Halloween, please come back here and your share pictures!

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