Hearts and Horror: Friday the 13th for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a little over a week away, but something more sinister than cost-inflated flowers and candy in honor of February 14th lurks: Friday the 13th!

Camp Crystal Lake’s favorite slasher, Jason Voorhees is back and bloodier than ever! The latest classic horror film to receive the remake treatment, Friday the 13th takes horror fans back to the beginning to relaunch the reign of terror of the hockey-masked horror! The premise follows the supposed death of a woman’s son at Camp Crystal Lake and the paralleling story of a brother in search for his missing sister. Along the way, a lot of blood and tears are shed… Well, a lot more blood than tears! Check out the trailer for the film here.

Horror buffs and costume enthusiasts looking for something fresh to dig up for this Halloween or their next costume party will love the variety of mask options that Jay-Vo seems to parade around wearing throughout the film, as indicated by the trailer. This time around, Jason runs amok not just with his iconic hockey mask, but also showing his frightening visage as he goes to town on some hapless teens. He also pulls off the simple, yet scary “bloody burlap bag over-the-head” look, too.

Choose from classic Friday the 13th masks, like the Deluxe Jason Voorhees Mask which features the one-two punch of Jason’s signature hockey mask that can be removed to reveal a high quality latex mask modeled after Jason’s gruesome face unmasked. Yuck!

Although an officially licensed mask featuring Jason‘s new/old “bag over the head” look hasn’t been release yet, maybe we’ll all get lucky and see one released around Halloween!

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