Head back to the Jersey Shore with costumes!

“Jersey Shore” is back for a second season! The MTV reality series was a huge hit with viewers … Even if the Jersey Shore itself wasn’t too thrilled with the attention brought to the tourist spot. So, for Season 2, the eight cast members took the show on the road to Miami, FL and will head back later to New Jersey. Whether or not they’ll be back in Seaside Heights is still up in the air.

Season 1 of “Jersey Shore” gave way to a certain mania with all things guido or guidette. Jersey Shore parties popped up all over the place. Not just viewing parties to kick back and watch the show with a bunch of fist-pumping friends, but actual “Jersey Shore” costume parties at homes, bars, and clubs all over the place in which those in attendence would put together their best guido or guidette look. Thousands of cans of hairspray were drained and a fountain of bronzer were dried up in the process!

Stay ahead of the curve and check out how you can put together your own Jersey Shore costumes. Dress as your favorite character or create an entirely new look that screams GTL on its own with a variety of costume items and props. Snap up a blonde Jersey Girl wig or a muscle chestplate to get “Situation”-style washboard abs!

Or, dress as your favorite guido or guidette. Bust out the fake bazooms if you want to make a J-Woww costume! While you could pull off a Mike The Situation costume to pair up with a friend in a Snooki costume for a couples’ look, guys can go for the unexpected twist. As it turns out, Snooki has attracted one of the unlikeliest of fans, Senator John McCain has been sending madd love Snookers way over on Twitter. Put on a John McCain mask for a fun couples costume if you’re dressing up as Snooki!

And if you’re throwing your own Jersey Shore party, make sure you’ve got some quality food handy. Think Italian: antipasto, biscotti, calamari… You get the idea! You might want to stock up on ham and water… And of course, sausage and peppers. Check out the CZ forums for a great recipe to feed your friends this summer!

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