Harry Potter Glasses

He may be one of the greatest wizards of his generation, but the’s still a bit nearsighted. Just like his father, James Potter, (who also had a shock of unruly black hair that his son would later inherit) Harry Potter also sports spectacles. One of the young wizard’s more defining charactersitics in addition to his lightning bolt shaped scar, Harry is never seen roaming the halls of Hogwarts without his glasses.

Dressing up with Harry Potter glasses

No need to down some Polyjuoice Potion, slap on a pair of Harry Potter glasses to help complete your transformation into “The Boy Who Lived! Perfect for a fan costume party or even a Harry Potter Fan Convention, cosplayers can have a Quidditch field day using a pair of Harry Potter spectacls as part of their costumes. Pair it up with a Gryffindor house scarf and robe to morph into young Harry.

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