Hannah Montana – DVD for Halloween!

For all you Hannah Montana fans out there, here is something you’ll like for Halloween: The Haunted Hour: Don’t Think About It.

Here is a quick overview of the story line:

“Cassie (Emily Osment) is a 13-year old Goth girl struggling to adapt to a new neighborhood and a new school. Feeling like an outsider, Cassie acts out by playing spooky and outrageous pranks to frighten the popular kids at school, as well as her scaredy cat little brother, Max (Alex Winzenread). The day before Halloween, Cassie finds an odd little book called The Evil Thing that cautions readers “Do Not Read Aloud.”¬ù When Max insists on hearing the story, Cassie starts down a road that begins in the mysterious woods behind their house and leads to a mysterious stranger who changes their lives forever.”

Of course, you might hope for a Hannah Montana Halloween-themed costume, but unfortunately, there is none. The original/official Hannah Montana costume is currently available, so you’ll need to customize it such as using a red and black wig, and a goth looking costume.

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