In the episode of Hannah Montana where, “THE ROCK” guest stars, Hannah has to take an embarrassing picture of herself to sell to tabloids and earn money. In the picture she takes of herself, she calls it ” Hannah, Before The Glam-a”, she has on a purple sweat suit and she has her hair up in curlers.

So all you have to do is: 1. Buy a purple sweat suit. (Be sure to glue on rhinestones that say “HM”)

2. Buy a realistic Hannah wig and try your best to brush and wash it so it is perfectly straight and smooth

3. Lastly, take giant hair curlers and place them in the wig. Then of course, put the wig on!

Make-up Tip for costume:

Wear a light purple eyeshadow with a thick, black eyeliner

Also, a light pink lipgloss with some pink lip-liner

Have Fun!!

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